Underwater Noise Assessment

Prepare for consent; preserve the marine environment.

Underwater noise assessment is an important part of the consenting process for any development project that could impact the underwater environment.

To carry out Underwater Noise Assessments, our scientists and consultants work alongside your team and project Marine Ecologists to understand the potential noise effects of any development project. 

This process can be varied. It may begin by studying the underwater wildlife that exists in proximity to the proposed development’s area using Marine Mammal Monitoring, followed by Underwater Noise Modelling and impact zone modelling to inform mitigation recommendations. Or it may only require Data Analyses and Underwater Noise Modelling.

Mitigation recommendations suggest steps that can be taken to support delivery of a project as efficiently and quickly as possible with minimal or no impact to the marine mammals or fish that may also be present.

Once consent has been granted, our consultant team use acoustic monitoring and underwater noise measurement to ensure that the conditions of consent are followed.