We’ve developed a range of services to connect clients with the information they need. Our equipment, skills, and experience provide clients with support, expertise and advice in underwater acoustics, wherever they are in the world.

Underwater acoustics can be used to identify the presence and explore the behaviour of wildlife underwater. Gather and analyse detailed, robust data. The duration and complexity of Marine Mammal Monitoring can be tailored to any objectives and budget.

Gather accurate, detailed data from any underwater location in the world. Monitoring solutions are customised to client needs by our science team.

Build reliable, scientific underwater noise models from any source signal.

Automatic signal detection and classification to track the presence or movement of marine mammals, fish or vessels.

Use our data analysis service for processing high volumes of any acoustic data easier so you can focus on your science.

Require resource consent? Talk to our Consultant team to identify and monitor underwater wildlife, assess the impact of the noise your project will make; and help you to protect marine life.