Data Analysis

More than numbers: we turn your data into insight so you can focus on your science.

Whether you carry out your own monitoring or recruit an acoustic expert, turning raw acoustic data into meaningful results can be a time-consuming process. 

Advancements in the technology used to monitor underwater acoustics have resulted in an exponential increase in the volumes of data that even a small project can generate. Transforming this data into results can require a lot of computing power and hours or weeks of processing time you don’t necessarily have.

Our complete data analysis service frees up your time to focus on the science that’s important to you. Using accelerated performance via multi-thread computing and machine learning models, we can analyse acoustic data from any acquisition or recording device in any format. Data products generated include the ability to self-validate your results for peace of mind.

Our service also includes the ability to tailor and code software to provide you with bespoke apps and routines that put you in charge of your own data, including automated detection programmes. We also provide training for all aspects of data analysis to ensure your team has the right skills to work with the data you have gathered.