Understanding the impact of tourism operations on Cetaceans in the Hauraki Gulf

PROJECT OVERVIEW The aim of this project was to quantify the effects of boat noise, like those used by the tourism industry, on soundscape and dolphin and fish communication. The parameters of the project were changed due to COVID (see Endnote) making it uniquely possible to observe the impact of the reduction of boat noise […]

Automated detection of Baleen Whales off Nova Scotia

Baleen whale

PROJECT OVERVIEW The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has been undertaking Passive Acoustic Monitoring in the North Atlantic Ocean. They wanted to detect and classify all baleen whales off Nova Scotia, but did not have access to multi-species detectors and classifiers.  OUR SUpport DFO engaged our bioacoustics expertise to train a specific classifier […]

Protecting Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Hong Kong waters

Humpback Dolphins WWF

PROJECT OVERVIEW Developments within the Pearl River Estuary (PRE) have caused underwater ambient sound levels to rise – to the point where communication between marine mammals could be masked and lead to stress. These developments include the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge construction, the HKIA Third Runway Project and Guishan offshore wind farm demonstration project.  Marine survey […]

Researching Hector’s Dolphins in Lyttelton Harbour

Hectors Dolphins

PROJECT OVERVIEW Lyttelton Harbour in New Zealand is a special marine environment within the Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary and provides habitat for the endangered Hector’s Dolphin.  To keep up with growing demand, The Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) needed to deepen the approach channel for large vessels and construct a new cruise berth terminal. They […]